Why is 4 not enough in cybersecurity? Think 4+4

By Rick Kenney, VP & Co-Founder TechSolutions, Inc

Almost every company that was breached by a cybercriminal and had their data compromised over the last 18 months probably thought they were protected. They thought that everything was fine because they had a firewall, antivirus software, current Windows Updates, and a server backup solution. Just several years ago, this was considered sufficient for cybersecurity protection. Today, these 4 tools are not enough.

Cybercriminals have figured out how to work around a security system that was once good enough. They are more motivated, more sophisticated, and more equipped to break into a company’s network using new and innovative techniques. Once successful, cybercriminals take the valuable stolen data and try to sell it on the dark web.

We are working with many of our clients to do more. Over the last year or so, we have added 4 new tools to protect a business using more of a layered approach. These new tools add further protections for your data, and they are managed by TechSolutions to empower the office manager in new ways.

  • Breach Detection: Endpoint agents are on the lookout for the bad guys based on behavioral analysis of active applications in your environment. These would be programs that were undetected by any of your other defense layers such as antivirus software.
  • Web Filtering: DNS and URL control for an overall safer computing environment. This is real-time protection against known malicious threats, unauthorized network access, and inappropriate websites that dramatically improve visibility & control over internet and browser usage.
  • Security Policy Management: Effectively guards against threats by consistently implementing electronic security policies that the office manager can selectively tighten.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Constantly searches for info that has been made available for use by the bad guys because of a breach incident outside of your control.

We believe 4+4 = a much-improved security approach. These four additional security tools bundled together are called PointProtect™. We believe PointProtect™ will help keep your company’s data and intellectual property, not to mention your clients’ confidential information, better protected compared to 4+0.

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