A Step-by-Step Cyberdefense strategy

Step-by-Step Program for Building a Cyberdefense Strategy:

TechSolutions has launched a practical, top-down approach to cybersecurity that integrates good business practices, innovative technology, and training. PointProtect™ is a new way to change your firm’s thinking about IT Security and better protect your business...step-by-step.

TechSolutions will work you’re your team to create a plan to take your business through these steps based on your business need

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    1. Management Briefing- Intelligence Briefing for Senior Management The PointProtectTM Management Briefing will thoroughly inform business leaders about cybersecurity threats and the potential impact of an attack on your business. Your team will get a balanced perspective on cybersecurity trends, regulatory compliance issues, financial risks and defense strategies as well as insight into including trends for your business.
    2. HR Policy Development - The New Rules of Engagement for your Staff and their computersThe PointProtectTM HR Policy Development Program helps senior management to develop a company-wide policy governing the use of company computers. It also develops an incident response process for all staff and it creates a plan to educate everyone in the organization. We will help you craft a formal HR Policy along with best practices for data management and standards of conduct that appropriately reflect the values of the organization. We will also create an effective strategy for communicating the policy to the organization consistent with best practices in “change management”. The program will be led by TechSolutions’ partner, SymbianceHR, a leader in HR Services with considerable experience in cybersecurity.
    3. Cybersecurity Awareness Training - Bootcamp for Staff and EmployeesTechSolutions has created a unique approach to Cybersecurity Awareness Training by providing your employees the tools, insights, and resources they need to be an active participant in the cybersecurity defense for the company.The program delivers a stimulating, engaging, and practical learning experience over several months. It educates employees by demonstrating effective data protection techniques and appropriate responses to potential threats. The program reduces the number of successful attacks that enter the company’s network through employee error and practices.
    4. Cyberinsurance Review - A Review of Your Policy & Needs  Coming Soon
    5. Managed IT Security Services - Advanced Technology to Address New ThreatsTechSolutions has been protecting your business with a very sophisticated three-part strategy including a smart firewall, automated software updates and reliable back up system. For some businesses this is still sufficient today. However, for companies with medical records, ecommerce data, intellectual property, or reputation-based professional services… this may no longer be enough. TechSolutions is proud to introduce Managed Security Services. This set of advanced security tools has been developed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses in our region. This new service adds to your current defense and provides protection to help eliminate newest threats.