Post Pandemic Rethinking of Your IT Support

Businesses are adjusting to a new world … and some are doing creative things as they rethink how their business operates. Now, smaller mid-sized businesses are changing too. They have an opportunity to rethink conventional wisdom regarding business strategies.

2020 Technology Trends

Every year, we try to look at different ways the world is transforming as we examine some of the technology trends that will influence small and mid-sized businesses. Below are several trends we have researched and identified as becoming more and more prevalent in 2020.

1. Profit Over Investment Before Election: After two years of sales growth and high employment, as well as a pending election, business owners will be optimistic this year, but will not spend too aggressively.

Our World is Changing

By Rich Kenney

Technology in the business world is changing. Next month, as the new year begins, we will look at several ways the world is transforming as we examine some of the technology trends that will influence small and mid-sized businesses in 2020. We are at the verge of a new era where the next round of young technology matures and becomes more mainstream in its implementation.

The Amazon Effect: Competition is a Great Thing!

By Rich Kenney

Amazon is a technology firm that has changed the world around us. Recently, we've heard some say this kind of progress is bad. Among other things, the naysayers point to the loss of retail jobs in traditional stores, rampant consumerism and materialism, and environmental harm.

Robot Seafood Café A Tiny First Step. Enjoy!

By Rich Kenney

In Newark, DE, just down the street from TechSolutions, the push for automation in the business world took another step forward. Robot Captain Crabs Cajun Seafood & Bar is using four-foot-high robots to show customers to their tables and deliver meals.

2019 Tech Trends for the Office Manager in Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Each year, we see advances in technology.  Some technology changes the world in dramatic ways, and yet other tech trends will change how we manage our businesses and run an Office. This year, we expect some big advances with the world’s largest solar park in Benban, Egypt finishing construction, the world’s largest offshore wind farm starts, and NASA gears up to complete the Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management system to manage drone traffic in our skies.