Cybersecurity Is Like a Layer Cake

By Rich Kenney

Cybersecurity is difficult to manage because way too often, your local IT professional makes it confusing. The so-called “experts” speak in jargon, and they try to scare you. Let’s try something very different by putting it in these words: Cybersecurity is like a layer cake.

Seven Trends For Our 2021 Post-Pandemic World

Toss out last year's trends! Nothing happened the way any of us expected. This year, the critical trends do not include blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, or Virtual Reality glasses. It is more important than ever to understand the trends this year because they help to explain and document the reality of our upcoming post-pandemic world.

Meet Al Irizarry, Our Newest Account Manager

Earlier this year, we welcomed Al Irizarry to TechSolutions as our newest account manager. He has hit the ground running. Al was born and raised in South Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University as a health science major. Al began his college career studying nursing after ten years as an Emergency Medical Technician.

As We Grow, We Add More Great People

As TechSolutions continues to grow, we are adding incredibly talented people to our staff from different backgrounds who love computers and enjoy helping people. Growth is exciting! It is my pleasure to introduce three new professionals on our team:

Anijah Tucker is the new Sales Coordinator and will help manage new equipment quotes and orders to ensure our clients use the proper hardware and software to make things more efficient and reliable.

We Love Our Onsite IT Guy!!! But …

March 15, 2019 by Rich Kenney

Some smaller businesses still feel more comfortable relying on their onsite “IT Guy” to handle their technology needs, while most other businesses have switched to using a Managed IT Services model. For years, the onsite “IT Guy” assured the small business owner that the company’s information (stored onsite) was protected, and that anyone with a problem could get help when needed because he/she was present.

December Employee Spotlight


Name:            Kimberly Wagner
Title:               Bookkeeper

Kimberly has a critical role at TechSolutions and it fits right in with her strengths and talents.

November Employee Spotlight

Name:        Michael Brown
Title:           NOC Technician

At the age of 26, Michael has been playing with computers for 20 years. When he was six, he began tinkering with Window 3.11 and learned DOS commands before finishing first grade.