Cybersecurity Management Tools

Advanced Cybersecurity technology to address new threats to your firm’s data, client records and intellectual property

Cyberthieves have countered many of the traditional cyberdefense tactics and are now attacking small to mid-sized businesses who use less sophisticated protection technology. Managed Security Services provides new level security services and additional protection in an efficient practical model for mid-sized businesses.

TechSolutions has been protecting your business with a very sophisticated three-part strategy including a smart firewall, automated software updates and reliable back up system. For some businesses this is still sufficient today. However, for companies with medical records, ecommerce data, intellectual property, or reputation-based professional services… this may no longer be enough.

TechSolutions is proud to introduce Managed Security Services. This set of advanced security tools has been developed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses in our region. This new service adds to your current firewall and current cyber defense and provides protection to help eliminate newest threats.

Imagine your current firewall provides a 10' wall that surrounds our computer network and protects against intruders. PointProtectTM adds to that perimeter protection strategy with:

  • Bounty Hunters - PointProtect™ MSS uses Breach Detection Software to search for malware and malicious software already inside your current network. It looks for known or suspicious applications and analyzes data by looking for programs that are operating without your authorization.
  • Border Agents - PointProtect™ MSS also uses Web Filter/DNS Protection which functions like guards patrolling outside the firewall. It protects against attacks from data thieves by preventing access to the resources owned by the bad guys. If your company computers cannot communicate with the malicious computers, many threats are avoided before they ever happen.
  • Magic Wand - PointProtect™ MSS features policy management tools to make sure every computer follows the recommended security policy, and allows office managers to selectively tighten security for new staff, interns, visitors, problem staff, etc.
  • Spotlight - PointProtect™ MSS also features dark web monitoring which will routinely scan the dark web for information specific to your staff such as usernames, passwords, personal data, or financial info. If found, alerts are created and responded to appropriately.

These three technologies were developed for larger organizations in response to the well-publicized data theft incidents that made national news. TechSolutions is now making these tools available to our clients in a managed service model and for one low monthly fee for each computer/device.

Compare Traditional Cyberdefense strategy to Managed IT Services with PointProtect™.

Call us and just ask to discuss a stronger cyberdefense program.  We will help you determine what cyberdefense strategy is best for your business and how to protect your data. It's starts with a simple call.