Introducing Managed Cybersecurity

PointProtectTM is a comprehensive and practical approach to Cybersecurity for small and mid-sized businesses.


Cybertheft increased by 100% in 2017 because small and medium-sized businesses are now under attack. Cybertheft can cost your business its reputation, competitive advantage, and customers. Introducing a practical cybersecurity program with a single point accountability. TechSolutions has launched a practical, top-down approach to cybersecurity that integrates good business practices, innovative technology, and training. PointProtect™ is a new way to change your firm’s thinking about IT Security and better protect your business...step-by-step.

PointProtect is a set of services each designed to contribute to a complete Cybersecurity Program. Learn more about each individual program and let the security consultants help you develop the program that is right for your business. Read more about the Management Briefing, HR Policy Development and Managed Security Services.

The PointProtectTM Cybersecurity Program will:

  • Protect the company’s clients, intellectual property, finances and reputation
  • Introduce cybersecurity as an important piece of your culture
  • Reduce the number of cyber threats that enter the network
  • Increase awareness of cybersecurity threats and company procedures with your staff
  • Introduce management practices to support a new culture that protects the firm
  • Deploy innovative security technology to test, detect and monitor for all network intrusions, and threats

Building a Cybersecurity program for small to mid-sized businesses:

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