PointCare™ Complete Managed IT Services

Introducing PointCare™ Complete... an innovative Managed IT Services Solution

PointCare™ Complete is a proactive IT management solution that gives you the freedom to rest easy, knowing that your business’s IT network is always operating at its highest level. Your staff can be productive backed by an IT management team that catches problems before they affect your business. TechSolutions is usually one step ahead of any problem that may arise because our goal is to ensure the success of your IT investment. The people at TechSolutions work as your partner in IT, so you can truly put the focus back on running and growing your business.

A customized solution will allow you to run to grow your business without worrying about the IT infrastructure or your network’s security. A well-managed network is reliable, secure, up-to-date and efficient. The goal is to craft a strategy to enable your unique business to achieve its goals, boost productivity, easily forecast your expenses, protect your data, and allow you to get back to running your business … with confidence.

Remote monitoring of every workstation and server provides immediate alerts when issues arise. We respond to all alerts and take appropriate action to ensure your network is functional.

Enterprise-grade antivirus protection ensures that every device is current and virus-free. We manage all of your Windows and MAC devices and address any issues throughout each day to help keep your network safe.

Data Recovery Services: Files and data lost to malware, human error, angry employees, fire/natural disaster, or even stolen laptops can be recovered in minutes. We also regularly test the validity of your backups.

In terms of network infrastructure, our expertise is unparalleled. We make recommendations that deliver the best performance and reliability to ultimately save the business money, accommodate for growth, ensure greater security, and reduce the stress that is caused by under-performing systems.

Keeping your operating systems up-to-date is critical for security, performance, and reliability reasons. We are in total control not only over which security updates, new features, and other patches get applied, but also when they get applied. We plan updating process for one day each week during off-hours, so your employees stay productive.

Proactive Preventative Maintenance: Similar to 3-month oil changes in your car, we systematically perform PM checklists and automated routines on workstations, servers and network devices to ensure peak efficiency and security.

Whether remotely or onsite, one of our technicians will work with your staff members to assist and resolve IT-related issues quickly. 95% of the time, the issues are resolved on the first attempt, which saves the aggravation that repeat issues causes.

We maintain an inventory of all managed devices and software. Their respective warranty and support expiration dates are tracked and automated reminders are sent so that your IT investments remain protected by the manufacturer or developer.

We help clients avoid the headaches and mistakes of figuring out what technology to implement in your business. We partner with the leading hardware and software vendors to streamline new purchases and save you money and time. We work with Dell, HP, Microsoft, SonicWALL, and many other well-known brands.

TechSolutions regularly conducts in-person Business Review Meetings to make recommendations for your company based on needs and goals. We provide valuable business discussion complete with budget numbers, relevant reports, likely threats, and possible solutions.

And so much more. We work to provide a comprehensive service that helps everyone in your business focus on their own jobs instead of focusing on IT issues.