TechSolutions by the Numbers

After 19 years, TechSolutions is a team of professionals with over 150 years of combined experience who have expertise in seven key IT disciplines including hardware, software, cyber security, business continuity, systems integration, cloud services and networking.

We have over 2,500 workstations and servers under management at over 100 clients including leading Delaware companies in 8 major industries including Real Estate, Construction, Healthcare, Legal, Accounting Services, and Retail … with a 98% retention rate.

To help each computer user and office manager, our technicians rely on hundreds of documented Best Practices and checklists. Each technician also participates in hundreds of hours of training and product education offered each year by TechSolutions and our partners. We work with over 30 technology partners for our hardware, software, and cloud needs. Additionally, we team up with about 8 professional service partners to provide the most robust set of services and recommendations available for small to mid-sized firms in the Delaware regions.

… all of this is offered for 1 simple fee per computer user and 1 easy-to-understand agreement.

… making TechSolutions the #1 “easiest-to-work-with” IT support company in the region.