Our Seven Point “Easy to Work With” Pledge

For almost 20 years, we have promised our clients that we provide a better way to manage their IT department. Today, we are telling our clients to expect more from their tech service firms. TechSolutions is making a commitment that is unique among IT providers. We promise to be the easiest and most dependable IT Services firm that our clients have ever worked with. This is bold. Therefore, we have created this Seven Point “Easy to Work With” Pledge to prove it!

We want you to expect more from your IT service provider. As a team at TechSolutions, we challenge ourselves to fulfill these promises every single day. Your IT vendor should deliver on these promises. You should expect it!

Our Seven Point “Easy to Work With” Pledge

  1. We will proactively prevent problems using the latest IT management technology included in our PointCare™ Program.
  2. When a problem occurs, we will respond quickly and work to fix it the first time! We call it our “Rapid Response Promise”.
  3. We will talk using business terms… keeping it clear and simple! We will help you understand your computers and give you straight answers… every time.
  4. We promise to discuss options so you have the right Managed IT Services plan for your business at every stage of growth.
  5. You will understand your invoice at the end of the month as well as our proposal and the agreement.
  6. We will provide news, tips, introductions to new tools, best practices and recommendations for new technologies … to help your team be productive.
  7. You will know that we love helping people from small/mid-sized businesses like you…it is all we do & we love it!


“We promise to be the easiest IT firm you have ever worked with! Contact us to learn more about a very different approach to IT Services.”

Rich Kenney, VP and Co-founder of TechSolutions, Inc.