Security Risks Associated with Cryptocurrency

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin these days.  Cryptocurrency is on the minds of potential investors big and small, but more importantly it is on the minds of the engineers and technicians at TechSolutions.  While many people are dreaming of magical computer money and treasure chests, we are thinking of the potential security implications that come […]

Big data’s positive effects on healthcare readmission

Business intelligence (BI) has fueled the growth of many businesses through the years, especially in the finance and manufacturing industries. Today, BI and big data also benefit healthcare businesses that are aiming to improve their processes and lower their readmission rates. At its core, BI software is all about data analytics. BI software is capable […]

Windows 11: When, What, and Why!

Software updates have always been a critical part of network security and IT infrastructure. While most updates are smaller to fix patches, the upgrade to a completely new operating system allows for the implementation of newer and better technologies to keep your device safe and running smoothly. Windows 11 will be released on October 5, […]

New productivity tools to try in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has unveiled some new and improved Microsoft 365 features. These upgrades, introduced during this year’s Microsoft Inspire conference, are more relevant than ever and were designed with the needs of the hybrid worker in mind. From third-party integrations in Teams to nifty tricks in Outlook, here’s a quick guide on what to expect from […]

Gmail: Manage your emails better with these 5 simple tricks

Security, ease of use, and free service are just some of the main reasons why many businesses use Gmail. But despite the email service’s ubiquity, there are still plenty of ways for users to improve their Gmail experience. Gain better control over your inbox — and your workday — with these tricks. Undo Send In […]

4 Important factors about HIPAA and your IT

Medical records are private and their exposure could lead to negative consequences such as social stigma and job discrimination. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects these data and grants patients the right to view their own health information so that they can enjoy more control over their care. Healthcare practices must therefore […]

The importance of updating firmware

Businesses today are aware of the importance of regularly updating the different software they use to keep these running optimally and protected against cyberthreats. However, they often overlook the firmware of their computers and other devices. At best, firmware is only updated if there’s an issue with the hardware. But it’s actually a good idea […]

Easy tips to design an effective website

In a recent survey by Vistaprint, 42% of the 1,800 participants said that it was “very unlikely” for them to purchase from “ugly” websites. That’s not so surprising, given that there are plenty of visually appealing and user-friendly competitors’ websites that they can visit instead. If your business website fails to make a critical good […]

Employee Spotlight: Meet our Techs!

Name: Jordan Anderson Title: Helpdesk Level 2 Technician Jordan is a Helpdesk Level 2 technician who is approaching his one-year anniversary with TechSolutions. He has always had a passion for the world of technology, and knew it was the field he wanted to be in. Jordan has worked in the field for many years, with […]