DCJ Fundraising

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The Delaware Center for Justice hosted a Giving Week and successfully raised $6,885 towards funding second chances for all Delawareans in the justice system. TechSolutions was quick to donate to the cause because we believe it is important to contribute towards community groups such as DCJ to empower those groups to do more good. The […]

2024 MSP501 Award

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TechSolutions is proud to be a recipient of the 2024 MSP501 award. This award honors the 500 top MSPs globally for their commitment to excellence within the MSP field and is a technology industry benchmark, ranking companies based on their growth, profitability, and innovation. For the past 17 years, managed service providers around the globe […]

Jon Henderson – New Help Desk Technician

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Introducing another one of our new help desk technicians, Jon! Jon has been with TSI since May 6th. In his role as a help desk tech, he works to assist clients with issues as they are reported to us, and he handles many of the server preventative maintenance checklists. He hopes to continue to learn […]

Joey Ortiz – New Member of Help Desk Team

Introducing a relatively new member of our help desk team, Joey! Joey has been with TSI since February 25th. In his role as a help desk tech, he is responsible for troubleshooting end user issues. He also just started on our automation team, which works to create scripts and programs that are intended to perform […]


At the start of March, our President, Rick Monnig, and Vice President, Rich Kenney, attended Right of Boom, a cybersecurity conference held in Las Vegas. This conference is named for the steps and events that occur AFTER a cyber incident has been discovered (Boom being the incident, Right being the aftermath, Left being the preparation […]


The Technology Forum of Delaware hosted a mixer in coordination with BrandywineBots Robotics, on Feb. 22 at Bellevue Community Center, to showcase the incredible engineering and robotics works created by elementary, middle, and high school students throughout the community. TechSolutions, Inc. Vice President, Rich Kenney, who also serves on the Tech Forum board, attended the […]


Artificial intelligence is an incredibly powerful tool, and its use in productivity and workplace tools such as Microsoft CoPilot only continues to streamline everyday business processes. However, there is another side to consider when implementing these tools. The security considerations businesses must make when they decide to work AI into everyday processes go hand in […]


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into daily workflows has become increasingly common in recent times. This is due to the growth of AI models and the general public gaining access to these tools. Microsoft CoPilot is a prime example of how AI can be harnessed to automate tasks, streamline processes, and enhance overall productivity. […]


We had the privilege to host a series of Lunch and Learn sessions for our employees run by our senior engineering staff at the end of January. This initiative was built to help increase and update knowledge for our technical staff members on current technologies and cybersecurity ideas.  This served as a first step towards […]