SMBs are the “low-hanging fruit” that cybercriminals prefer to target; low security spending, complacent employees, and a lack of expertise make it easy. To combat this, TechSolutions offers PointProtect™, a managed cybersecurity solution that gives SMB leaders a way to achieve enterprise-grade security at a feasible price. This practical, top-down approach to cybersecurity integrates good business practices, innovative technology, and employee training to protect clients from all the new and existing cyberattacks threatening businesses today.

In addition to baseline cybersecurity solutions, our PointProtect™ managed cybersecurity services include:

  • Breach detection software to search for malware already inside your current network. It looks for known or suspicious applications and analyzes data by looking for programs that are operating without your authorization.
  • Web filter/DNS protection, which functions like guards patrolling outside the firewall. It protects against attacks from cybercriminals by blocking access  and communications from unauthorized and suspicious sources.
  • Policy management tools to make sure every computer follows recommended security protocols, and enable office managers to selectively tighten security for new staff, interns, visitors, problem staff, or any other desired user groups.
  • Dark Web monitoring, which will routinely scan online black markets for your organization’s data, such as usernames, passwords, personal data, or financial info. If we find your data for sale, alerts, quarantines, and appropriate action will soon follow.
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Once integrated into your existing systems, PointProtect™ will:

  • Protect your intellectual property, finances, and reputation
  • Introduce cybersecurity as an important piece of your company culture
  • Minimize the number of cyberthreats that slow down your productivity
  • Increase staff awareness of cybersecurity threats and company procedures 
  • Introduce management practices to support a new culture of vigilance
  • Deploy innovative security technology to monitor your systems for network intrusions and prevent them before they cause damage

A Step-by-Step Cyberdefense Strategy

TechSolutions will work with your team to create a tailored cybersecurity plan that addresses your business’s unique security needs

The PointProtect™ Management Briefing will thoroughly inform business leaders about cybersecurity threats and the potential impact of an attack on your business. Your team will get a balanced perspective on cybersecurity trends, regulatory compliance issues, financial risks, and defense strategies.

The PointProtect™  HR Policy Development Program helps senior management to develop a company-wide policy governing the use of company computers. It also develops an incident response process for all staff and creates a plan to educate everyone in the organization. We will help you craft a formal HR policy along with best practices for data management and standards of conduct that appropriately reflect the values of the organization. We will also create an effective strategy for communicating the policy to the organization that is consistent with best practices in “change management.” The program will be led by our partner, SymbianceHR, a leader in HR Services with considerable experience in cybersecurity.

TechSolutions has created a unique approach to cybersecurity awareness training by providing employees with the tools, insights, and resources they need to be an active participant in the cybersecurity defense of the company. The program delivers a stimulating, engaging, and practical learning experience over several months. The goal is to educate employees by demonstrating effective data protection techniques and appropriate responses to potential threats, thereby preventing employee errors and reducing the number of successful attacks that enter the company’s network.

When your business insurance broker sends you a questionnaire to complete for the insurance company to provide you with pricing, many Office Managers and CEOs may have trouble answering the questions regarding their IT network and cybersecurity environment. We help you accurately complete the necessary applications so your business is compliant with and properly covered by your cyber liability insurance.

For many businesses, the services we have provided are sufficient. However, for companies that provide reputation-based professional services or are responsible for medical records, eCommerce data, or intellectual property, this may no longer be enough. That’s why TechSolutions offers advanced, customizable cybersecurity solutions that meet the unique challenges of these companies. We have experience in all sectors and industries, and our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge base.

Our services and solutions ensure your IT benefits your business without the hassles