IT Consulting

IT grows more capable and complex by the day, which is great for consumers but poses new challenges for business managers like you. Innovations in service delivery, revolutionary new products, and constant releases of new tools continuously change the scope of knowledge you need to create productive results with your business IT. You may not have the extensive IT knowledge or extra time needed to stay current on all the ways to improve your business through technology, but the consultants at TechSolutions do, and we can help.

TechSolutions provides consulting services to help owners and C-Level executives make better decisions regarding their IT strategy, policies, and investments. Our team of experts has deep knowledge of hardware, software, data security, networking, telephones, wireless technology, and cloud services, as well as years of experience working with small and mid-sized businesses. We’ll work closely with your staff to analyze your needs and make recommendations based on best practices, resulting in better long-term planning, more stable budgets, and best-fit IT solutions designed with your goals in mind.

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Our IT Consulting Services Support Every Facet of Your Business IT

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it consulting wilmington delaware philadelphia

Cloud and Network Services

Your IT network provides the most value when it is designed around your business’s needs and long-term goals. Our consultants will design an IT infrastructure that meets all your requirements and operates at peak efficiency, regardless of whether you need a cloud, private, or hybrid network. With an expertly designed infrastructure from TechSolutions, you’ll not only experience unmatched productivity and security, but significant cost savings as well.

Microsoft 365

This suite of cloud software from Microsoft leads the industry in security, agility, flexibility, and value. From classics like Office and Exchange to powerful BI and security tools, Microsoft 365 has everything your business needs to succeed in the cloud era, regardless of your size and industry. The many options, configurations, and customizable apps may seem overwhelming, but TSI consultants are highly experienced, certified through Microsoft, and ready to help you find the best setup for your needs. We’ll act on your behalf with Microsoft, giving you a personalized suite of world-class cloud software at the best possible prices and without all the hassles.

it consulting wilmington delaware philadelphia

Individual Projects

Technology projects can greatly improve your capabilities, but if executed poorly, your business is at risk of significant losses. If your in-house IT team just needs some expert assistance or specialized knowledge to help with a one-off technology project, TechSolutions stands ready. We are available on an individual project basis, providing targeted assistance when needed. Our consulting team will ensure you get the best possible ROI on your IT development project, and that it is completed on time and on budget. Partner with us, and give your project the best chance at success.

Business Continuity

A disaster striking and preventing your business from operating is unfortunately not a hypothetical; it’s just a matter of time. Our seasoned consultants will ensure that when a catastrophe does befall your organization, you’ll be equipped and ready to bounce back fast. We’ll help you find the best data backup tools for your needs, and work with your team to develop a recovery plan that gets you back in business ASAP. While other businesses might still be picking up the pieces, your data and operations will be restored in a matter of hours after disaster strikes, not days or weeks. You’ll be able to avoid the potentially devastating loss of revenue and reputation from the prolonged downtime, and demonstrate your company’s resiliency.

Hardware and Software Purchasing

Finding the best IT products for your business needs and goals is no easy feat. With all of the options on the market (and salespeople who work on commission), it’s easy to inadvertently buy the wrong device or program, leading to poor performance and wasted resources. With TechSolutions consultants assisting you with purchasing and procurement, however, you’ll have knowledgeable and vendor-agnostic advice to help you make the right choices. As your IT consulting partner, our goal is your success, not making a quick buck on a sale, so we’ll always act in your best interest. Your business will have the IT that best meets its needs at the best possible prices.

Email, Spam, and Virus Protection

Keeping abreast of the constant developments in the world of cybersecurity is a full-time job, and difficult for all but the most dedicated IT professionals. You likely don’t have the time or background to ensure your IT systems are always protected against the newest online threats, but TechSolutions can help. Our security consultants are highly certified and experienced with all manner of cyberattack, existing and emergent. We’ll analyze your current security posture and make recommendations based on industry best practices and your business’s needs. Our team ensures you are protected without sacrificing your productivity.

Server and Network Support

Keeping your servers and network infrastructure operating securely at peak efficiency requires specialized expertise and time, two things in constant short supply. If you need assistance keeping your network operating smoothly, our consultants can provide the knowledge and guidance required. We have experience with all manner of network as well as industry best practices, so we can provide swift and effective support no matter what your issues are. With our experts at your side, you can stop banging your head against the wall trying to keep your infrastructure secure and efficient and let TechSolutions handle it the quick and easy way.

Our services and solutions ensure your IT benefits your business without the hassles