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4 facts about HIPAA and your IT

While HIPPA’s implementation in relation to technology has been problematic to say the least, things have become much clearer over the course of the past

TechSolutions Bits and Bytes

By Dan Ayars, Business Development Manager, TechSolutions I wanted to take the time and step back from technology this month and give you an update

Windows 10 – Should I take the plunge?

By Rich Kenney, Vice President, TechSolutions It’s funny how introducing change into people’s worlds seems to cause so much anxiety. Enter Windows 8 – a

The importance of Windows updates

By Dan Ayars, Business Development Manager, TechSolutions When purchasing a new car, appliance, piece of office equipment, etc., what if you were told that the

Skype – What’s all the hype?

By Chris Scerbo | Network Engineer | TechSolutions Many of you have probably heard of or used Skype. It’s a fancy video conferencing tool that

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By Dan Ayars, Marketing Coordinator, TechSolutions Good for Mary, good for you, good for us I am delighted to let you know that our Office