As We Grow, We Add More Great People

As TechSolutions continues to grow, we are adding incredibly talented people to our staff from different backgrounds who love computers and enjoy helping people. Growth is exciting! It is my pleasure to introduce three new professionals on our team:

Anijah Tucker is the new Sales Coordinator and will help manage new equipment quotes and orders to ensure our clients use the proper hardware and software to make things more efficient and reliable. She is formerly of Agilent Technologies and is finishing her second degree from Wilmington University. She helped her uncle rebuild his first computer at the age of 7.

Anijah was hired to replace Emmalee Lawrence who some of you worked very closely with on a regular basis. Emmalee and her husband Mark are now parents of a beautiful baby girl named Tesa, and Emmalee has chosen to focus on raising Tesa rather than quote and purchase equipment for our clients. Congratulations to the Lawrence family! We wish them nothing but the best.

We have also hired three new technicians in our growing Network Operations Center (NOC). This is a critical behind-the-scenes role at TechSolutions. When NOC Technicians are not helping someone with a computer problem, they are monitoring the health of our clients’ computer networks. NOC Techs are responsible for identifying virus and malware threats, looking for irregularities on mission-critical devices, investigating alert messages, and tracking down the root cause of error messages to help TechSolutions be proactive and identify problems before they cause unexpected downtime. NOC Techs are the quiet unsung heroes in the IT world and can be the difference between an ordinary day at the office and a cybersecurity incident.

Stephen Steinberg is a NOC Technician who performed a similar role at the regional Social Security Administration Office. He attended Baltimore University and first began working with computers at the age of 10 when he helped his dad rebuild mainframe computers for the US government. He was recently married and lives in Aberdeen, MD.

Brandon Chambers is also a NOC Tech who worked for a Wilmington-based commercial and residential internet service provider. He is a recent graduate of the ITWorks program. This unique training program helps prepare ambitious, hard-working, young adults for careers in IT. Brandon earned his CompTIA A+ Certification in the program and is working toward additional certifications on his own. He lives in Wilmington and loves to work out and skateboard. Brandon grew up playing computer games and customizing his own computers. One reason he loves coming to work every day is to learn more about computers and networks.

Leeza Butler is our newest NOC Tech. She currently resides in Wilmington. She is pursuing her degree in Info Security and Applied Science from DelTech. She started playing with computers in high school and discovered her passion. So in her free time, she volunteers to coach young girls in robotics and applied science. She was the head coach for the Padua team that recently won the Cyber Patriot Delaware State Championship at the both the High School and Junior High School levels.