Post Pandemic Rethinking of Your IT Support

Businesses are adjusting to a new world … and some are doing creative things as they rethink how their business operates. Now, smaller mid-sized businesses are changing too. They have an opportunity to rethink conventional wisdom regarding business strategies. So, let’s rethink the choice for delivering IT service to employees and staff. For years, smaller […]

Getting Your Home Office Ready for Spending More Time at Home

It was March 12 and the economy was humming. Most of us could not even spell COVID-19 and our Governors decreed that a small virus that no one could see was going to shut down business as we knew it. We did not know that come early summer, many of us would be working from […]

2020 Technology Trends

Every year, we try to look at different ways the world is transforming as we examine some of the technology trends that will influence small and mid-sized businesses. Below are several trends we have researched and identified as becoming more and more prevalent in 2020. 1. Profit Over Investment Before Election: After two years of […]

Our World is Changing

By Rich Kenney Technology in the business world is changing. Next month, as the new year begins, we will look at several ways the world is transforming as we examine some of the technology trends that will influence small and mid-sized businesses in 2020. We are at the verge of a new era where the […]

The Amazon Effect: Competition is a Great Thing!

By Rich Kenney Amazon is a technology firm that has changed the world around us. Recently, we’ve heard some say this kind of progress is bad. Among other things, the naysayers point to the loss of retail jobs in traditional stores, rampant consumerism and materialism, and environmental harm. So, we wanted to examine the way […]

Getting your head into “the Cloud”

by Rich Kenney, Vice President, TechSolutions, Inc. Is your business in the cloud? Should it be? Wait … what exactly does that mean, “to be in the cloud”? That is a good question that needs to be answered before moving on any further. “To be in the cloud” refers to one or more parts of […]

Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 users take notice

By Dan Ayars, Business Development Manager, TechSolutions, Inc. Microsoft has announced that it is ending support for Windows 8 (not Windows 8.1 … just 8) and Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10. This is significant since people who continue to use that software will become increasing vulnerable to security threats. This is because Microsoft […]

7 Computer-related things you should do in 2016

By Rich Kenney, Vice President, TechSolutions Just as a doctor gets asked about that nagging pain during normal conversation at a dinner party or other social event, IT professionals similarly are asked about what to do for slow computers or about suggestions to make an IT environment more secure. So as a means to field […]