What do an 11ft ladder, Bounty Hunters, Border Patrol Agents, and Smarter Villagers have to do with Cybersecurity?

by Rich Kenney, Vice President, TechSolutions, Inc.

The answer is everything! …  if you really want to better understand the new type of IT defense that is now available to protect your business from increasingly aggressive cyberthieves.  The characters will help you quickly figure out how to protect your firm.

Cybersecurity is your defense against thieves stealing your data for profit or sabotage. And your defense is like a 10 ft wall.

Traditionally, your cyberdefense was a very effective 10 ft wall. Part of the defense consisted of a system to repair and maintain the wall and a capacity to rebuild anything inside the wall that was damaged. This type of defense has worked for years and has become very sophisticated over time. Technology manufacturers built smarter firewalls to block out the bad stuff. Workers supporting those firewalls were tasked with maintaining it (the wall). They were also ensuring that what was on the inside (your data) was protected and organized to prevent your team from losing much productivity, should the wall be penetrated.

However, cyberthieves eventually built 11 ft ladders.

In other words, the crooks invented new ways to beat the 10 ft wall and access, steal, or ruin your data. The market value in dollars for social security numbers, credit card numbers, and health records is growing. The larger, more noticeable, businesses beefed up their defenses and built 20 ft walls … so thieves began targeting smaller businesses who were less protected and much more vulnerable. As a result, last year cybertheft increased by 100%.

TechSolutions has been working with leading innovators of cybersecurity technology to provide additional protection to small and mid-sized businesses. Today, your defense needs to be smarter and use newer technology. So, TechSolutions is introducing a new program called PointProtect™ to provide your defense arsenal with Bounty Hunters, Border Patrol Agents, and overall smarter villagers. We would love to explain in more detail.

TechSolutions is known as the easiest IT company to work with because we help business owners and office managers understand their options without all the jargon. We know that this leads to our clients making better business decisions.

Talk to us and we’ll explain the options available to you to make your wall a little taller and safe from the 11 ft ladders.