Artificial intelligence is an incredibly powerful tool, and its use in productivity and workplace tools such as Microsoft CoPilot only continues to streamline everyday business processes. However, there is another side to consider when implementing these tools. The security considerations businesses must make when they decide to work AI into everyday processes go hand in hand with a cybersecurity first mindset. Let’s break down what these considerations might look like in the case of Microsoft CoPilot.

  1. Data Privacy and Confidentiality: Microsoft CoPilot operates by analyzing vast amounts of data and providing suggestions and interpretations based on patterns and context. This means that sensitive information contained within data and code such as proprietary information or personally identifiable information (PII), could potentially be exposed. Businesses must ensure that CoPilot is used in environments where sensitive data is properly handled and protected.
  1. Access Control and Authentication: Who in your organization should have use of Copilot?  Who will administer your Copilot environment?  Questions like these certainly need answered.

    Business should also ensure that authentication mechanisms, including tools like MFA, are strong to prevent unauthorized access, especially if Copilot interacts with sensitive parts of your codebase.
  1. Awareness and Training for Users: Adequate training and awareness programs should be provided to employees and anyone else involved with using AI platforms. This training should cover best practices for what to do with output from the AI engine.  Users need to understand to check for inaccuracies or style differences when using AI results.  Just because it came from AI doesn’t make it correct and appropriate.  

Overall, CoPilot is a revolutionary tool for workplace efficiency. While there certainly are security concerns that need to be addressed when deciding to implement CoPilot, it has the potential to fundamentally change the way people use Microsoft products.  If you have questions about securely deploying CoPilot in your environment, our team is always happy to chat.