Five Scary Moments from our Tech Service Hotline

Ghosts and goblins at your doorstep on Halloween can be scary, but nobody at TechSolutions knows “scared, panicked and terrified” like Jenn Slovak, the TechSolutions team member responsible for dispatching service requests to our technicians. Jenn answers the phone when our clients call. She is the first person that our clients speak with when they absolutely have a problem on their computer.

Now most of the time, the calls come from calm and patient customers who have routine problems that are handled with no excitement at all. However, in the spirit of the Halloween season, we thought we’d share the experiences of some of the scariest and most terrified callers whose problems were resolved with the help our technicians.

Here are just a few of those terrified and spooky customer service requests that we received this season:

1. The Terrified Sales Director and the Lost Presentation:
A sales director had been up all night preparing for a presentation. Just one hour before delivering the presentation, the keyboard froze. The presentation was locked inside the computer… and the client was on the way to the office. Yikes! The tired and panicked sales director called TechSolutions. Our technicians discovered that a licensing issue on an unknown piece of software and expired and caused the computer to lock up. The technicians resolved the problem in 5 minutes, recovered the file, and the sales director was able to make his presentation.

2. The Lawyer and a Spooky Security Update:
Over a weekend, an attorney was working at home and watching a college football game. With his attention on the game, the lawyer clicks on a fraudulent link for a computer security update and gets confused by the message displayed on his computer. He calls the telephone number shown on the message and shares information with the scammers thinking it was an official update. When he realizes his mistake, he calls TechSolutions in a panic. Our on-call technician leaps into action. He updates the security settings, removes the virus and fraudulent application that was installed, and assures the user that the problem is resolved for now.

3. The Global Traveler’s Locked Out Nightmare:
The whole office is still working on final touches to the presentation as the owner of the firm boards a plane to visit the new client in in Europe. When the owner lands in Geneva, the updated file not present on his laptop. The owner could not access the home office to get the latest material for the presentation that was to be made in just three hours…. The office manager still here in Delaware calls TechSolutions. With remote access to the laptop in Europe, the TechSolutions team identifies the cloud setting that needed to be adjusted to resolve the synchronization issue displayed on the laptop. All was well in Europe.

4. The Frightened Administrator’s Dark Morning:
A School Administrator arrives at her school on an important day. The Department of Education inspectors and licensing team was going to be there to perform the annual review. Upon arrival that morning, the internet connection for the school was nonfunctional. A terrible thunderstorm had wreaked havoc in the community, and the school was left without internet service. The administrator realizes that class schedules, attendance data, and all the records needed to pass the inspection were not accessible. She calls TechSolutions. In this case, the technicians at TechSolutions had already been aware of the issue and had already been working with the Internet provider to fix it. Within an hour, our technicians were able to work with the provider to resolve the issue and the school passed the inspection.

5. The New Office Manager Meets the Phantom Data Thief:
A new office manager from an insurance agency comes into the office on a normal Thursday morning only to find that the network data had mysteriously disappeared overnight. The accounting files, the contracts, and the planning documents were all gone. The office manager began to panic. She was too new to make this kind of mistake. The new computer was a little confusing, but she had no idea what she could have done to wipeout all the data on the fifth day on the job. She called TechSolutions. The technicians worked with her for 15 minutes before assuring her that all the data was safely backed up and able to be restored. Within the hour, all the data was returned to the server and the problem was resolved. As it turns out, the data disappeared due to a mistake made by another agency employee, but for the new office manager, that was a scary moment that she never wants to experience ever again.