Meet Al Irizarry, Our Newest Account Manager

Earlier this year, we welcomed Al Irizarry to TechSolutions as our newest account manager. He has hit the ground running. Al was born and raised in South Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University as a health science major. Al began his college career studying nursing after ten years as an Emergency Medical Technician. But deep inside, he was always a techie. He began tinkering with gadgets, fixing computers, and solving technology-related problems when he was a young child.

Al has always been helpful to others, which adds to his ability to carry out his account manager duties. In his heart, he cares about people and dedicates his time to assisting others. One day while working as an EMT, he was dispatched to help an older gentleman who was having trouble breathing. When Al arrived, he discovered the man was actively having a massive heart attack. During transport, the man went into cardiac arrest. Al took charge, jumped into action to assist the gentleman by conducting CPR. He relied on his training, and he cared for his patient all the way to the hospital. He saved that man’s life.

Over a year ago, Al met Rich Kenney at a New Castle County Chamber of Commerce event. Al was quick to demonstrate his caring and compassionate side and his interest in helping others. After accepting a job offer in March, right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Al joined the TechSolutions team and began being trained in the art of being an advocate for our growing list of clients.

He is working toward advanced certifications in Microsoft, cybersecurity, and network administration. Al is now supporting an essential group of TechSolutions clients, bringing the same compassion to his clients that he did with his patients.

“The key to excellent account review is to listen more than I talk. Ultimately my job is to understand my clients’ business and their needs, and then jump into action to help them. If I solve real problems, I can become a trusted partner for my clients … and that’s my goal” declared Al.

When he’s not working at TechSolutions, Al now lives in Delaware and recently began training in Brazilian Jiujitsu, a self-defense martial art and combat sport based on grappling, ground fighting, and submission holds.