We had the privilege to host a series of Lunch and Learn sessions for our employees run by our senior engineering staff at the end of January. This initiative was built to help increase and update knowledge for our technical staff members on current technologies and cybersecurity ideas.  This served as a first step towards the development of our new internal training program. As the year progresses, we will see more of these training and collaboration sessions, and we are excited to see our engineering and technical team grow.

I sat down with Chris Scerbo, one of our senior engineers, to hear his thoughts on these new learning opportunities. He explained, “[We are] Bringing techs into these and trying to level them up, get them certified [in more software programs], get cutting-edge industry training into them, and improve our team to make everyone a more efficient, productive, and helpful resource. We want to be able to solve issues at the drop of a hat and get our clients answers quickly and correctly.”

The focus of the sessions was network troubleshooting and network technologies, with a bigger goal to develop our internal training programs and promote tech and engineer development. The sessions were the kick-off for people to step into the new training process and showcase our Training Task Force, which is comprised of five staff members who are Senior System Engineers and System Engineers. Everyone on this 5-person team heads up a specific field where they have expert knowledge, including networking, platform as a service (PaaS), automation and scripting, cyber security, and system administration. Together, these fields build fully-rounded and knowledgeable technicians.

When asked what his favorite part of the lunch and learn sessions was, Chris said, “Seeing everyone’s faces and interacting with everyone was my favorite thing. It has been 3-4 years since seeing people in person at the office regularly and making those connections was amazing. Getting people connected was another goal of these trainings and seeing it happen was the best part.”

The sessions were received positively by our techs, and everyone is happy and excitedly onboard to participate. We are glad to see our employees’ passion for education and skill development, and we look forward to the great things these training sessions will allow us to do for our clients.