What Is Cybersecurity and Who Said the Sky Was Falling?

Your company’s data is under attack. Ransomware pirates, international hackers, competitors, and maybe even your own staff threaten your data. Even as a small business in Delaware, your company’s computer system could systematically be under attack.

Let’s talk about cybersecurity in a different way. These statements are 100% true. And simply keeping up with current news, you might also think the sky is falling. Some pundits warn that you are going to lose or go out of business if you don’t act today! While it is not out of the realm of possibility, most small business owners should understand that things are not actually THAT bleak.

Your data is being attacked and cyberthieves are real. That is not being argued. But what are the appropriate steps that most small to mid-sized businesses should take? We’ve been examining this question for years now. And the answer as to how to protect your business is not just a better firewall.

We believe that cybertheft…

  • Remains a Real Threat: TechSolutions believes that cybersecurity is important to every business, but absolutely critical to professional services firms that handle sensitive client information and depend on their reputation. Beneath all the hype and sensitive news reports, there is an issue that C-Suite leaders must deal with.
  • Requires a Practical Approach: Although the risk is real, the solution can’t disrupt the rest of the business. Small business can’t stop everything to become Cybersecurity experts. But action can’t wait another year either. The next steps need to be practical, efficient, financially in reach, and easy to manage.
  • Is a Top-Down Issue: Management teams must better understand the business issues related to cybersecurity because the steps needed to be taken to protect the company involve a lot more than just the IT department.
  • Needs an Employee-focused Solution: The employee is the weakest link in the chain. Because of this, cybersecurity is as much a management, HR, financial, and IT issue as it is an education issue. The successful company has a cybersecurity-aware culture among its employees.
  • Requires New IT Technology: The IT department can defend and protect your data using sophisticated tools once only used by large corporations and government agencies. The tools are now available to small businesses especially when offered as a scalable service for reasonable prices. So as prices decline, TechSolutions is helping small businesses adopt a more sophisticated defense using a fraction of the money it used to require.

Based on years of experiences, hundreds of discussions with our clients, and countless conference calls with cybersecurity experts, we are putting together an exciting offering. We want to help all our clients be smart about cybersecurity by finding the right approach for their business.

We are currently meeting with interested clients and friends to discuss this new way to help local businesses better protect their data and their intellectual property. We are very excited about our new program. We might reach out to you, but feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to show you how you can better protect your company’s data.