Joey Ortiz – New Member of Help Desk Team

Introducing a relatively new member of our help desk team, Joey! Joey has been with TSI since February 25th. In his role as a help desk tech, he is responsible for troubleshooting end user issues. He also just started on our automation team, which works to create scripts and programs that are intended to perform repetitive tasks in an automatic fashion to save on one of our most precious resources – time. He is excited about the expansion of AI and how it is incorporated into our automation processes.

Before TSI, Joey worked in the logistics field for freight shipping helping to coordinate transportation of goods for 5-6 large clients. His company worked with products over a specific weight, meaning many of these shipments were large and the process of shipping them from point A to point B could be extremely complex. Joey has been interested in the IT and technology space since he was young. He has always been an avid gamer, and he has learned how to code and complete ethical hacking exercises. He also helped fix and repair PCs in his community using self-taught skills during high school.

When asked what he enjoys about TSI, Joey stated, “You can tell they care about you. They trust you as an employee.  People stay for the camaraderie and atmosphere in addition to liking and enjoying the work they do.”

In his free time, Joey is working on building his own arcade setup for video games in his basement using custom scripting interfaces.  His projects encompass more than 5,000 titles from Atari to current releases. He also used to be involved in training for and helping others train for Spartan runs before becoming a dad.  He says that he loves the community and the commitment to invest in the races. Welcome to the team, Joey!