Jon Henderson – New Help Desk Technician

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Introducing another one of our new help desk technicians, Jon! Jon has been with TSI since May 6th. In his role as a help desk tech, he works to assist clients with issues as they are reported to us, and he handles many of the server preventative maintenance checklists. He hopes to continue to learn more about IT and cybersecurity as he settles into his role, and he is excited to take on more involved tasks in the company to expand his skill set.

Before TSI, Jon completed his undergrad and master’s in criminal justice at Westchester University. He then worked as a private investigator in the field of workers compensation fraud until the pandemic hit and jobs moved to be more remote, making it harder for him to complete his line of work. Jon then began working through CompTIA certifications and looking into IT and cybersecurity. “I had always enjoyed the tech field,” he says, “I often had tech issues at my last job, and started to learn about the IT world so I could help solve them when they occurred.”

What Jon loves most about working at TSI is the company culture. He loves the fact that everyone is friendly and welcoming, and how encouraging our management team is in investing in employee training and learning so everyone can be at their best. Outside of work, Jon is outdoorsy and loves scuba diving, sports, and rowing, a hobby he and his wife picked up during the pandemic. We are so happy to have him on our team!